Who we are

Left Eye Studios has been in the animation industry since 2006. We have come together as four career animators, amalgamating our companies and skills to make a single whole, more skilled, more passionate, and more eager to deliver on our clients vision.

The team we have constituted is top notch and able to deliver on the deadlines. They are seasoned animators and we have confidence that our work will exceed your expectations.

Why Us

As Left Eye, we will strive to work on least budget, while at the same time putting out an intense and concerted effort to make your animation as indicated in the deadline. At left eye, we are not boasting when we say we have the best talent in the animations industry.

We have some of the best Motion graphics artists, as well as the leading body mechanics 3D artist. Within our team we can name some of the most talented storyboard artists .




3D Animation

At left eye our first specialisation is 3D animation. We design and illustrate the storyboard for you. We model and animate the characters in line with the script from the client.

It doesn’t matter how difficult the character is. Tell us who you want us to model and we will, either with photo realism or cartoonish. The team we have constituted is top notch, and able to deliver on the deadlines. They are seasoned animators and we are confident our animations will exceed your expectations. We are also currently working on our own IP animation features for television. More on this later.


Motion graphics are flat out neat. They’re what dazzles our eyes at the beginning of movies and during commercials. They’re what takes stagnant illustrations and makes them great animations. Even little pieces of motion graphics are implemented in video productions as well. There’s no other way to say it—motion graphics are cool. As connection speeds go up, and users crave more and more immersive experiences, companies like ourselves will be there to see to it that their craving is satisfied Left Eye facilitates storytelling with Visual Effects and Motion Graphics for Television and Feature Films. We make it easy to bring the impossible to the screen.


Are you a Film/Video producer and would you like an attractive montage for your production? Check out the one we did for Churchill Show on youtube. We can do an even better one for you. Our creative talent are the best at coming up with out-of-the-box ideas that shall astound you. Contact us and lets talk about what we can do for you.


By the Edge of the Spear

By the edge of the spear is a saga of Africa, a tale of conflict and love, unbreakable bonds, magic and the wonder of the African experience. From the rolling hills of anduanyaga territories to the plains to the sprawling plains of Marathi territory, you will be exposed to the prowess of the Marathi warriors, the swift response of anduanyaga warriors, the wisdom of elders and the farsight of the seers. This is a story that could happen in any of hundreds of African communities, it is their story …it is our story.

Fumo Liyongo

Fumo Liyongo is the second of thirteen animated episodes dealing and focusing on Heroes and Heroines of Kenya. Lefteye Studio decided to do something that will capture our peoples past, and bring it to life in a fun interesting but memorable way. Each episode will focus on one main community and from that we shall pick a hero who made an impact in the past. This content apart from being available for television, can also be used for study in history classes of our lower primary schools. The content will stick to known facts and will try to be as close to what happened as possible. Possible titles are:Lwanda magere of the Luo, Fumo Liyongo of the Pokomo, Lumeya the first Laibon of the Maasai, Waiyaki wa Hinga of the Agikuyu, Orkoiyot Koitalel Arap Samoei of the Nandi, The Legend of Otenyo of the Abagusii, Nyamgodho Son of Ombare of the Suba, Musyimi the Hunter of the Akamba, The story of Wamugumo, Escape of the maasai from the escarpment, Gor Mahia of the Luo, Mekatilili Wa

Menza and Simbi & Namakanda.

The aims of this series are to make available entertaining content that appeals widely to the Kenyan and East African and indeed the African population. We also aim to remind the Kenyan people of their rich and glorious past. Also to serve as a basis of interesting study information for primary schools and high school students of history. We also intend that the series will bring our communities together as we appreciate as a nation the rich content of our joint Heritage.

Other aims are to create employment for Kenyan animators as they work on creating this content. And of course we intend for this to be a revenue source for LeftEye Studios, an Animation studios of Kenyans by Kenyans.


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  • Thank you for representing Kenya folktales, in your series, tales of lwanda Magere. Good work People!
    Nick Ngethe
    Go Green Media
  • Thank you for your good work in the multimedia Advert, we shall definitely recommend you guys for further work.
    Ms Christine
    Multimedia University
  • You did an excellent job on the Nakumatt Advert. Keep up the good work!
    Benson Musomi
    Nakumatt Ltd